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Our Williamsburg Brooklyn Preschool Teachers

Without our teachers we’d have no preschool!

Our Williamsburg Brooklyn preschool teachers are top notch. They’re committed to enriching the lives of our youth. In order to qualify they must have a passion for early childhood education. After a few weeks of training, teachers are certified by FasTracKids before taking on a class of their own.

We know Williamsburg parents would do anything for their child, and we hold our teachers to the same standard. Our preschool teachers dedicate most of their day to educating our young learners. Some of our teachers are from the neighborhood and some come from other boroughs. It is that dedication that sets us here at Preschool Williamsburg apart.

williamsburg brooklyn preschool teachers

During the course of the day, teachers will lead the children in educational tasks disguised as fun games.

The teacher gets to know each child individually and accommodates them based on their particular learning style. We use what some might call a Montessori approach – in that the learning is child-centric. The child is the center of our world here at Williamsburg Brooklyn preschool. Each child is allowed and encouraged to express what is going on in their own little world. It is the job of our teachers to show the children how to collaborate with other children in the classroom.

Teaching preschool is a special job. It is fun and trying at the same time. We are so grateful for our teachers and their love for early childhood education. If you’d like to meet our teachers, simply walk in or call! You can set up a free trial class for you and your child to meet the teacher and experience our FasTracKids preschool program.


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