Williamsburg Preschool Program

Williamsburg Brooklyn Preschool Program Description

Affordable half-day preschool enrichment

Our child-centered Williamsburg Brooklyn preschool programs provide a solid foundation for future academic growth in preschool aged children. FasTracKids’ Preschool programs utilizes an exciting, interactive program with a focus on creativity, communication, confidence, critical thinking and collaboration.

The preschool experience sets the stage for your child’s attitude towards school. Our proven method of delivering a firm foundation for learning is available as a multi-day preschool program. Our FasTrack Explorers’ curriculum for 2-4 year olds will provide your child an interactive, traditional and digital learning experience blended with opportunities to collaborate with teachers and peers.

Free Trial Class

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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Instilling a life long love of learning.

At FasTracKids®, we don’t teach your children what to think, we teach them HOW to think. We offer a holistic educational program that actively works to fit you and your child’s individualized needs. Our students are active, engaged participants in classes where they energetically develop their own thoughts and minds. This develops a strong base for future learning and stimulates children’s innate curiosity.


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