Checklist: 5 Things to Ask Your Preschool
12 Feb 2016

Checklist: 5 Things to Ask Your Preschool

How qualified are the teachers? There are

12 Feb 2016

How qualified are the teachers?

There are many qualifications for preschool teachers in Williamsburg. We hold our employees and teachers to the highest standard. All of our teachers are licensed and certified by the global FasTracKids organization. A good preschool will hire qualified and passionate teachers. Are you an education professional? We’re taking applications.

What is the snack policy?

It is important to know your child will be nourished during their time in the program. We provide tasty,  nutritious snacks and combine learning about food and our digestive system during snack time.

Do you offer discounts?

At FasTracKids we offer sibling, seasonal and other promotions. Ask about our current promotions when you schedule a tour or call us at (718-260-8100)

What other programs do you offer?

In addition to our premium preschool program, we offer tutoring and enrichment programs for children ages 2.5 – 9. Our offerings include math, reading, and English tutoring, plus special programs for gifted and talented enrichment and preparation.

Will you help guide my child after preschool?

Any reliable preschool institute should help guide parents and children into the next phase of their education. Our enrichment programs can accommodate most students through age 9.


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