9 Signs of a Top Preschool in Williamsburg
12 Feb 2016

9 Signs of a Top Preschool in Williamsburg

Centrally located Your location should be accessible

12 Feb 2016
  • Centrally located
    • Your location should be accessible via reliable transportation. We have numerous subway stations nearby.
  • Student pickup from school
    • As previously mentioned, school pickup is essential for some parents. We offer school pickup from schools that have at least 2 of our students.
  • Research based program
    • FasTracKids was meticulously examined by Wellesely College in this independent research study. Our preschool program is scientifically proven to give your child a diverse and critical perspective of the world. We strive to nurture a love for learning that will stick with your child their whole life.
  • Flexible schedule
    • We offer single day, 3 day, and full week enrollment packages.
  • Clean and appropriate environment
    • We used the franchise approved designers.  Environment designed for learning, focus, fun and creativity.
  • Passionate teachers
    • The best teachers are those that dedicate their careers to educating the youth. This is one of the values we look for in teachers. Our teachers instill creativity, independence and a love of learning into every child that enrolls in our program.
  • Rotating subjects
    • Some programs can get repetitive for your preschoolers. We use brain based educational zig zagging to hold attention. We spend just enough time on each subject for the child to absorb new knowledge from the program before zig zagging to a new subject. This is covered in our independent research study.
  • Parent support
    • Parents should be treated with respect and individual attention. We learn about each parent just like we learn about each child. You can come to us with questions regarding progress, next steps, supplemental materials and so on.
  • Easy online payments
    • Williamsburg Preschool uses technology in the classroom – when appropriate. We also keep our business on the leading edge of the web and mobile technology. We’re currently building an online payments platform. We are excited to announce we will be offering online payments early this year.

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This article originally appeared on ParkSlopePreschool.com. Republished with the author’s permission. 

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